AniNews | 09-11-2018


Welcome to the second University of Edinburgh Anime and Animation newsletter. It’s currently the busiest time of the semester and the whole committee is trying to balance coursework, society work and real life. We’re really sorry this month’s newsletter is a bit late. We’ve listened to your suggestions but not all of them will be making their way into this month’s newsletter. We hope you enjoy nonetheless!


AASOC in November

This month for AASOC is our most jam-packed yet!

Are you interested in cosplay but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re a seasoned expert who’d change the laws of physics to make sure their Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay is spot-on. In either case, AniCosplay is the place for you! We are having our first informal meeting on November 17th so make sure to come along if you are interested. See our FB event for more information.

We are officially stepping up our partnership with Tempo Tea Bar to the next level! On  24th November we will be jointly hosting a Bubble Tea Mixology Class where you can finally find out how they make Bubble Tea taste so darn good. Check out our FB event for more details.

For our masterchefs, we have our traditional Food Wars during the break of our final screening for this semester on November 27th. Come along with your finest dishes and have them taste tested by a mystery celebrity judge!

And finally, we have our last event of the year: Our Christmas party, where you can celebrate Christmas with some festive Anime fun! It will be on the December 1st so make sure to mark your calendars!

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The Fall Season Continues

Several weeks have passed since the beginning of the Fall anime season and by now we have some idea of what anime are set to soar and which anime are going straight in the trash.

goblin_slayerAfter causing controversy with just it’s first episode, Goblin Slayer has been dividing the anime community. Following it’s protagonist’s trail of blood, Goblin Slayer tells the story of one man’s mission to exterminate all goblins and those who join him on his journey. The show is much more graphic than other shows of the fantasy genre and features gut-wrenching scenes from the first episode. I think it’s worth saying that if you want to watch this then you need to read a bit more about it.


In other news Trigger is back at it again with their new title SSSS.Gridman. Greatly inspired by Ultraman, SSSS.Gridman can be summed up as a CG-heavy mech/monster anime that tells the story of Yuuta Hibiki’s journey to find his lost memories and discover his purpose. However, Triggers last attempt at a mech anime – Darling in the Franxx – left many fans disappointed after it’s bizarre ending so this may be one to wait for.jojo5

And finally, the one every stand user has been waiting for: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind. Part 5 continues the adventure with Giorno Giovanna, a small time crook with one big dream. It’ll give you silliness, seriousness and stands, everything you need to fulfil your JoJo needs.

Next month we will have another selection of stand out anime from this season so stay tuned!


Screenings and Events

spirited_awaySpirited Away is appearing at the Edinburgh Filmhouse on November 12th. The Studio Ghibli classic is great for all ages and it’s the perfect setting to watch it. You can book your tickets here: link

Unfortunately that’s it for this month!



Artist Spotlight


Lelouch by Nor Syamimi

This week we are looking at a very different artistic medium: Watercolour! Nor Syamimi from Malaysia is our featured artist this month, we really how different and vibrant her art style is. The earthy colour schemes give each piece a calm and snug feel that is hard to capture with the usual slick, sharp art style of most digital artists. Most of her work is in a Shoujo style which only helps to give the art that unique look. You can check her social media out for more.

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Cosplay Spotlight


Two-Faced by Yugana Senshi Uon

Our featured cosplayer this month is Yugana Senshi Uon aka Yugana. Yugana is a Malaysian cosplayer famed for her incredible special effects make up and costume creation. She started her journey to become a master cosplayer in 2013 and has already become a judge in many different cosplay competitions around south east Asia. Despite being a mother she still finds time to cosplay and even include her daughter.You can find more of her work on her social media.



Music Spotlight

This month’s featured music artist is the one and only Goose House.

You may have heard of Goose House from the extremely catchy Your Lie in April opening, Hikaru Nara. Goose House have a YouTube channel that features covers of their favourite songs and original pieces too.

Their rendition of Hikaru Nara is well worth a listen and if you’re looking to spruce up your playlist you should definitely give these a shot!



YouTube Spotlight

For anyone who is interested in the art of the anime opening (looking at you AniSong!) Mother’s Basement does some great in-depth analysis. He can be a little cut and dry at times but with such great music in the background it doesn’t matter. This video is his take on a classic from last year’s screenings – The World God Only Knows (Spoiler alert!).

If this video was right up your ally then you can find more like it on his YouTube channel.




Thanks for reading this month’s newsletter! We are still trying our best to improve it and find news you would like to know about. Let us know what you liked or disliked about the newsletter; you can contact us through email and social media, or just talk to us in person.

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