AniNews | 25-12-2018


Welcome to the third installment of the University of Edinburgh Anime and Animation Society newsletter. The year has absolutely flown by but before we launch into 2019, we’re bringing you a special holiday edition of AniNews to fill the void of AASOC this month (we know you miss us). So let’s get right into it!

AASOC is getting ready for the new year!

After a whopping 236 suggestions for anime in semester 2, the responses were collated into a spreadsheet and the committee went through them one by one, assessing their suitability for screening in the society. Our main criteria is a good diversity of genres, animation & music styles and how well the shows pair together for the optimal viewing experience (so we’re not sat watching hot-blooded action for three hours straight).

Head on over to the Semester 2 Anime Voting Form to read more about how we made the sets and to vote for your favourite set!

If you didn’t know, we also have a Semester 1 Feedback Form where you can leave us any suggestions and improvements you would like to see happen in the society! So far, there is a popular demand for a reprise of board games/karaoke, movie nights and smaller socials where everyone can get to know each other more, so we’ll definitely be putting these into action in Semester 2!

If you need a bit of recap on the highlights of semester 1, our best moments are all uploaded in the photo albums on the Facebook Group.

Screenings and Events

Edinburgh Filmhouse is always showing their appreciation for good animation and on January 2nd, they’re screening The Illusionist! Directed by Sylvian Chomet, the film follows the adventures of a travelling magician from Paris to our very beloved Edinburgh. If you’re up for some beautifully crafted animation (that isn’t from Japan!), check it out here!


Over the festive period, Film4 is also going to be showing a series of Studio Ghibli’s films, including Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, From Up On Poppy Hill and many more. Check out the full lineup here!

Artist Spotlight


Princess Mononoke by Lärienne

December’s featured is Lärienne, an illustrator and concept artist who works with a wide range of media including pencil, ink, watercolours, markers, and digital art. She has done fan art for series such as Final Fantasy, Boku no Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, Overwatch, Pokémon and Studio Ghibli. She also does original art and has two drawing series, “Eye Tales” and “Surreal Girls”. Her anime-inspired style often utilizes bright colors and soft lighting to vividly depict her subjects, but her ink drawings show that she is also skilled at rendering details in black and white.

[Facebook] [Instagram] [DeviantArt]

Cosplay Spotlight


Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess by Li Kovacs

This month, we’re turning to Li Kovacs, formerly known as PikminLink. She has been cosplaying for almost 20 years, finished over 100 costumes and competed in and judged several costume contests. A self-taught seamstress who sews her own costumes, she is also a skilled wig stylist and prop maker. She is most well-known for her Nintendo costumes, especially her Legend of Zelda ones, but she occasionally cosplays from other series too. She has also been hired by Nintendo and Blizzard to make and model costumes for them at E3, the Legend of Zelda orchestra concerts, and BlizzCon.

[Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter]


Music Spotlight

With the Miku Expo having just passed on December 8th, we’re paying Vocaloids a special homage, along with some covers by Utaites (singers) for those of you who might not enjoy Vocaloid voices!

Gradually getting faster – Miku

If you’re looking , check out Kagerou Project / Mekakushi City Actors. While the anime may be confusing, the music blends a lot of different styles together and the lyrics have a lot of meaning behind them! Check out some awesome playlists below: 

Kagerou Project Playlist (Vocaloid)

Kagerou Project Playlist (Utaite)

Finally, in the spirit of the holidays, make sure to enjoy your Eggnog with a classic Christmas Anime song!

Toradora! – Holy Night

YouTube Spotlight

What better way to usher in Christmas than a search for the best holiday anime movies and episodes on offer (obviously none will be as good as our Christmas screening!)

My mother’s basement takes a good long look with a critical eye for feel good holiday fun with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.


Quentin Tarantino is an acclaimed director of films such as Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight. He also is a big fan of Anime and is reportedly an otaku at heart. He is a fan of anime such as Ghost in the Shell and Blood: The Last Vampire. He is such a big fan that he personally requested that Production I.G., the animation studio behind both of the aforementioned shows, create the animated sequences in Tarantino’s Kill Bill.


Thanks for reading this month’s newsletter! We hope everyone is having a very happy (and restful) holidays. We’re looking forward to another successful, fun-filled semester so make sure you check back on our social media to keep up to date with future events. You can also let us know what you think of the newsletter through these channels or just talk to us in person!

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